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"When we do this we have to act fast. Jack is always watching the globe for lights."

They were all in the Warren at the moment preparing for Easter. Even Pitch was painting a few, although they were a little dark in color to actually send out. Bunny hopped by and inspected them, shaking his head. Honestly, he was back to his old self. He was larger than life again, and Pitch assumed it just had to do with his own self confidence being restored.

"I've got some faith I can put up a fight, mate." Bunny said from his spot where he was painting eggs.

Pitch looked off away from where the rest of the Guardians were doing their own thing to prepare for easter. He had a feeling of dread in his stomach. It really ircked him to be helping those he fought not too long ago, but the balance was tipped. As much as he hates to admit it, fear did mostly belong in the shadows. Not taking over the world.

Jack had gone too far, actually physically hurting children. Technically, he was the only one whose survival didn't depend on the children believing in him, so perhaps he thought it was okay to toy with their lives?

Either way, Pitch would fix it and regretably join the Guardians in the process. He was no fool and knew that life would be easier if he took up Guardianship and played his part.

He stopped in his musing when all the eggs filed out to their respective continents.

"That should be all of'em." Bunny wiped his paws together from where he was crouched above Pitch.

"If it was this easy, then why didn't you just keep trying to revive Easter instead of being, well, weak?"

"Hope is a dangerous thing to lose, mate." Bunny scratched his ear. "It destroys who you are," he tapped himself in the chest. "and what you care most about. I just didn't have it in me to do this alone."

"That's why were here, Bunny." Tooth smiled, walking up from behind the two.

"And I thank the lot of ya. Even you, Pitch. As I've said before, Easter is a time for new beginnings. And maybe you ain't so bad after all." he clasped a paw on Pitch's shoulder and smiled.

Pitch smacked his hand off lightly, choosing not to respond.

They waited, and eventually the sound of little pitter-pattering ceased. The eggs were all gone, safe and sound.

"Now what?" Bunny sniffed.

"Well, I assume Jack will start to see the lights flickering on and when he does, he'll move to the first one. Once he realizes it's too much children to handle by himself, I guess that's where we move in."

"Really? That's your plan, is it?" Bunny stared disbelievingly at Pitch.

"You can't predict a storm."


Jack landed on the cold ground, walking forward and sending his coat billowing behind him. Although black, the coat had frost on the shoulders and various other places. Jack's hair was tinted black on the tips, and his eyes seemed beyond tired. He didn't have time to rest, and really didn't need it.

Spotting the child, he held up his staff-scythe but before he shot out, another child ran by so happy and excited. Holding a colored egg. Jack stiffened, and started to look around. Every child had an easter egg.

He floated to stand on the telephone wire and looked out. Everyone, even adults, were astonished at the sudden return of the Easter eggs. It was sickening. So sickening.

The moon shined in his face, and he looked up, holding a hand over his eyes.

"Is this a challenge?" he asked the moon.

Balling his fists in irritation, he held out both arms and tensed his fingers. He seemed to be pulling some unknown force, his staff also helping the effort. Slowly, a blizzard began to form in this tiny town square, and when it picked up, children began crying at the sudden confusing storm, and parents ushered them inside.

The wind held shards of ice in it, and some who stayed in the blast were cut where their skin was exposed. The screams of the wind and children mingled, and he truly felt everything was okay now. Back in order. Heh, this was order to him. Not stupid bunnies and eggs.

He discovered an egg, abandoned near a car, and examined it. After a little thought, he could tell this was Bunny's work. Not some parent's imitation.

"Well hello hello." Jack murmured to himself, then let the wind lift him back into the air.


Pitch was ready. He was standing where he and Jack first made their alliance in the Antartic. The pillar of black and frost was still there as well. That's also where Bunny and Tooth were waiting. North was too weak to come with them. Needless to say, they didn't really have a plan anyways. Their only hope was to really appeal to his better nature.

As if on cue, Pitch felt a whirlwind pick up, and when the snow cleared, Jack was standing there clad in frost and black. He truly looked more frightening than Pitch with that get-up. Jack had his scythe-staff thing at his side, and it went well with the threatening air he brought, Pitch thought.

"So where are they Pitch?" Jack smiled cruely.

"Who?" Pitch walked forward, ready to meet him halfway. At this point though, looking intimidating was kind of out the window.

"The Guardians. Funny how the roles reverse." Jack held his staff up to his face and picked at it nonchalantly. "I get a little bit more powerful than you and your.." he looks up. "scared. Do you fear me, Pitch?"

"I only fear for your soul. Look at what you've become, Jack!" he waved his hands. "I hardly recognize you. Besides, I realized now we tipped the balance of things too much in our favor. It's unnatural."

"Oh, cry me tears, Pitch. You pushed me into all of this!" he held his arms out. "You said it yourself. We were outcasts, never to have a family. The Guardians, heh, the Guardians.." he shook his staff. "They had it coming. They were too cocky, and they paid the price." he turned to the glacier and yelled, "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE POWERLESS?"

Pitch didn't flinch. Bunny and Tooth walked out slowly, Tooth supporting herself on Bunny's shoulder.

"Pitch is right, mate. You've gone too far. I think you've forgotten why you were chosen." he pointed his boomerang at Jack's chest.

"I think you forgot. That was the whole issue, I never knew. And once I joined Pitch I didn't feel there was a reason to know anymore. Why should it matter now?"

"Because, Jack, we all have a purpose. Even those who are not Guardians are here for a reason." Tooth waved a hand at Pitch. "But this is not what you were meant to do, Jack. Come with us and we can make everything right again." she smiled.

Jack looked stricken for a moment, and Pitch held his breath.

After the moment of inner turmoil was gone, Jack looked up at them, colder than before.


He shot out shards at Tooth, aiming to kill her it seemed. Sort of like what Pitch did to Sandy. Bunny pushed her out of the way, and when he did, he dropped her to the side and threw his boomerrang at Jack's head. Jack easily, and effortlessly, smacked it away. Bunny was hopping, or strafing, around Jack. They were preoccupied and while they were, Pitch went to help Tooth up.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine." she brushed her feathers out of her face. She looked at the snow, and suddenly seemed to catch something. Her eyes went wide and she pointed to something in the snow. Pitch turned and saw a golden rod sticking out, even glowing it seemed.

"His memories." Pitch remembered from that day he held them hostage.

"If anything stops this, it might be that. You must make him watch them, Pitch." she stressed, her feathers falling out.

Pitch took the container and faded into his shadows. He reappeared in Jack's shadow, and Jack reacted by turning to blast him, but Pitch managed to catch his hand in time. He shoved the container in Jack's face, and upon realizing what it was, Jack crumbled in his resolve to fight. Bunny stopped where he was and watched.

"Watch this Jack. You need to know."

Jack's aggressive stance relaxed and Pitch held it closer to his face. When Jack's eyes glazed over, he knew that he was reading the memory. Pitch had his hands on Jacks shoulders, and another kind of carressing his neck. It felt so natural he didn't even know he was doing it.

When he came to, Jack blinked, his expression breaking. He practically crumbled and fell to his knees. Pitch followed him down, one knee on the ground. He stared at Jack until he felt like talking, which didn't take long.

"I...I had a sister! I saved her.." he looked at Pitch. "I SAVED her Pitch! I died saving her. I'm a hero." he looked down at the snow.

It's as if he woke up, honestly. Jack began feeling his clothes, and saw how he was dressed. When he saw how his staff looked, he touched it with a finger and the scythe shape fell apart and it just looked normal again. Pitch also noticed his hair changed back, when it did he was not too sure. His face also looked more well again.

The only traces of his darkness were his clothing.

"Bunny? Tooth?" he called out to them, and both came right up, hopeful expressions way too evident. "I'm sorry. After this I do deserve to be alone..."

"No, Jack." Tooth leaned down to put a hand on his shoulder. "It was our fault. Everything is forgiven as far as I'm concerned, but the damage may take a while to repair. Is there any way you can dig up North's workshop?"

"Yeah I'm sure I can do that." Jack smiled. A genuine smile. Pitch breathed out.

"Great! We can take the tunnels to his cabin and start putting everything back together. Right Bunny?" Tooth smiled from ear to ear at Bunny.

"Right-o. Good to have you back, mate." he patted Jack on the shoulder and turned away.

Once they had walked a good distance, Pitch dared to touch Jack. At the touch, Jack swung around, staring wide eyed at the boogeyman. Did he suddenly hate Pitch again? He felt his heart dropping into his stomach a little.


"Yes, Frost?" he didn't know to be formal or not.

"Thank you. For everything." Pitch sucked in a breath. "For being there when I needed someone. For understanding how I felt and.." Jack held onto his other arm with his hand, looking away. "Everything in between."

Pitch scoffed. "Don't mention it. It was all just a bad dream."

Jack laughed. "Was it? I feel like I just woke up from a bad dream honestly."

Pitch shrugged his shoulders. They looked past them for Bunny, but it seemed they had left. Pitch grabbed Jack when he was still looking off and pulled him into the shadows.

Being inside a shadow was really compressing for those that were not Pitch. Jack wasn't really bothered, but trying to look around frantically as it seemed they were floating in space. He couldn't see Pitch, just his eyes as they glowed bright bright yellow.

"I've grown quite fond of you Jack Frost." he murmured.

Suddenly a hand appeared out of the darkness and carressed Jack's face. Jack's eyes were wide, but he laid his own hand on top of Pitch's. Long awaited, for Pitch at least, he had the real Jack Frost back. When their hands touched, he swooped in and captured Jack's mouth with his own, the darkness making beautiful swirls around their forms as Pitch pushed his whole body onto Jack's. They were tangled in the dark for moments before both forgot where they were headed to, and the shadows dropped them in the snow, still tangled.

They landed in front of Tooth and Bunny. Tooth had her hands on her mouth in some sort of 'gasp' and Bunny was just squinting up his nose.

Jack got up abruptly, making Pitch rise, and then fall in the snow when he did.

"Alright, let's fix this."

He held out his hands, and like when he made the blizzard, he tensed his fingers and started to pull at the air. There was a popping and cracking sound as the snow shifted, and it all poured off of North's workshop. It took Jack probably moments to do, and his power was still amazing to Pitch.

"Good?" Jack asked, turning to the others.

"Magnificent!" North hobbled out of the fog and grabbed Jack in a bear hug. "Good to see you feeling well again old friend."

Jack opened his mouth to apologize, but North shushed him. "No need. As I'm sure they have told you, all is forgiven. At least now we will not be bored in setting everything back to order." he looked to Pitch. "And welcoming two new Guardians."

Jack smiled and Pitch tried to pretend to not care, looking off elsewhere.


As months and months passed, everything was set back to order. Children began believing again and with that came good dreams, which marked the return of Sandy. He forgave Pitch and Jack immediately, trying to say that he had been watching the scenario the whole time, but the others only mildly understood him.

Tooth had her Tooth Palace back, her fairies back, and the memories too. Children were happy, and North was preparing for Christmas which was highly anticipated this year. Pitch gave nightmares to children when it was necessary, and waited for his holiday to come around the corner. He felt healthy now instead of unstable and powerless thanks to the children. Jack Frost was just, well, doing what he does best. Have fun with children and continue to procrastinate other duties.

Currently, it was a few days before Halloween and Pitch was sitting on a tree limb with Jack, who had one leg up to his chest.

"Don't go too crazy when it's Halloween okay? Might have to smack you around a little." Jack whistled.

"I don't think you would be able to catch me, regardless. But I'm being good. Having everyone on my back is too much yelling for me to deal with, so behaving is within my general interests at the moment." Pitch watched a grumpy boy walk by, and when the moment was right, he started a black cat to fly out of its trash can and sail past the boy, making him run in terror.

"Not having villain withdrawls?" Jack took to floating, leaning on his staff.

"No. You?" Pitch glared.

"Low blow." Jack pointed, shaking his head.

Next to them, a little girl was having absolutely no fun trying to pick a jack-o-lantern for her home, and so Jack sent his fun her way. When it touched her nose, she began playing in the piles of autumn leaves with her friends. Jack nodded his head in approval while Pitch watched the display.

"Seems kind of cheating to do that outside of winter." Pitch mused.

Jack suddenly barreled into Pitch, knocking him off the limb and making him retreat into a shadow where they both got tangled. Jack pulled Pitch close by his robe and smiled mischievously at his counterpart.

"As you said, what goes together better than cold and dark?"
Finally done.
Sorry if it seems abrupt lol. And how innocent I made Jack in the end what the hell.
Thank you everyone for the support and favorites and views. ;~;
Inspires me to write more!

ROTG (c) Dreamworks
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NyxEphriham Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:O Amazing mini-series! Write more BlackIce, please!
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That was an amazing story. Loved how Pitch still got Jack in the end. :D
BVBlover4ever Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Student General Artist
I love you for writing this!! Seriously, it was amazing and I am SO happy that everything ended happy and the way it did!!!! :XD: I really liked how Pitch got to become the Gaurdian for Halloween. It fits. :) I wonder what he would be the Gaurdian OF though?? I'm really glad that Jack got to go back to his old self and that him and Pitch got to be together. I think it would be really cool if you would draw Pitch with his new holiday and maybe a new outfit or slightly different one? Not that I don't LOVE what he wears, cause I do, that extremely deep V..... :D I just think it would be interesting.
Crossoverfan Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013

I think that THIS is how it would have gone if there were more than hints in ROTG. And... HAPPY ending, Yay!!!

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Oh most definitely! I loved the ending to your story so much, I cried a bit cause I was so happy. :) Hopefully in the second movie Pitch will get a happy ending.
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The latter; it's okay, though. We ALL make mistakes sometimes!
P1uto Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well since you took the time to write this (that I love you for)
perhaps I shall!
I just don't want to ruin Pitch's perfect figure. xD <3
BVBlover4ever Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Well I hope you do and there's no way you could ruin his figure. You're a great artist! :)
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Will you please draw the version of evil Jack in this chapter?
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I already drew it. It's honestly how I thought he looked the entire time. :P <3
Timesquadgirl Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
KisameFanFromHell Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AAWWWW EEEK!!! This is such a cute ending because Pitch not only gets Jack but the Jack that is the fun loving, and easy going frost maker!
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Awww... That's cute ^^ Oh I hated imagining Jack that.... evil. Horrible, horrible image. But I'm glad you got him back to normal and he was able to stay with Pitch :D Pitch even goes "good" ^^ Good story ^^
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