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"Alright. I'm in."

"Excuse me?"

Here they were. The Nightmare King, and the Winter. Since the battle for the lights of the children, Pitch has kept a keen eye on Jack. He was a neutral party, and not to mention apparently extremely strong. However, it came as little surprise since dark and cold were easily put together, yes? He even made mention to that kind of power when they created the black-sand glacier mere moments ago.

But when Pitch offered him a spot as a partner, he never expected the other to agree. Jack let his offensive stance drop ever so slowly, and Pitch had his arms up in a gesture, but were now frozen as he stared wide-eyed at the boy. This went on for so long, that Jack pulled his hood up over his head and looked away.

"Really?" Pitch blurted out again, mainly to himself than to the other.

"Yeah, because, you know.." he shook his stick. "..your right. They'll never trust me, and children will never believe in me. Why should I take a chance with their judgement when your offering me this," he opens out his arms. "right now? I feel safer in accepting your proposal than chasing a chance. So yes, Pitch Black, I will join you."

Jack held out a pale hand to shake, which after a bit, Pitch took. He was very suspicious, but instead of letting it show, he wiped all traces of shock off his face and masked himself with his cool, self assured look again. "Ah, well I hope I do not dissapoint you, Jack."

He wanted to laugh. Perhaps even run in circles. But that would be crazy out of character.

Jack looked nervous, and the way he peered up at the taller man, well, Pitch almost wanted to pinch his cheeks. But nope. That's just weird.

"Oh." he glanced past the boy, and at his signature..stick-y thing he carries around. "Let's add..a touch of fear to that, shall we?"

Jack held up his staff in curiosity, and watched as Pitch barely tapped it. The process at first was slow, as if deciding what to be, and once ahold of an idea, it warped. The black sand spun around it, helping the mold take shape, and combined with Jack's ice, the staff eventually transformed into an icy scythe much like Pitch's own, normal, scythe. It may have been made with ice, but the interior swirled with black sand, trapped as if it was an ancient artifact, frozen in time.

"Do you not like it?" Pitch ducked, as if trying to see under the hood.

"No, it's not that. This is all just weird to me still." Jack let the scythe fall to his side.

"Ah." Pitch pulled back, looking to the side. Twittle of the thumbs... "Come with me, Jack. Maybe I can show you in more detail what I do, exactly."

He reached out a hand.

It even sat there for a moment before Jack reluctantly took it, and both beings went spiraling into the shadows.
Fic for a contest. OvO
Its not yet completed, and eventually will be Pitch and Jack lovins.
Not sure who the preview pic is by, just found it lol.

The general idea, atm at least, is Jack deciding to go with Pitch instead of helping the Guardians when he's asked to join Pitch.

I also thought the ice scythe was a cool idea. Don't judge me. ;;

RotG characters do not belong to me.
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I love it. very nice, would like to read more. like, what would have happened next? 
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Awww This is so going to get interesting I cant wait to read the next part!(Faves then clicks on next chapter)
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ohonhonhon! please continue!
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Pitch is such a dear, so shocked that things are going his way for once. Thanks for writing (I'm a sucker for what-if-Jack-joined-Pitch scenarios)!
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is nice!!
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